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Created by: Tobias Bende and Marcus Andersson


Variant Description:

Nessie is a variant for seven players and standard rules apply except concerning Loch Ness. The Loch Ness monster "Nessie" inhabits the lake making it impassible. Thus fleet builds bordering Loch Ness is not allowed. This only affects FAu.

The powers and starting units are as follows.

Lothian (L) - 	          A SAn 	A Dnb 	F Edi 	 
Strathclyde (S) - 	A Gre 	A Fer 	F Gla 	F MoR(nc)
Tayside (T) - 	        A Dnk 	A Pit 	F Sth 	 
Grampian (G) -   	A Abd 	A Ban 	F Fra 	 
North Highlands (N) - 	A Dnh 	A BLo 	F CWr 	 
South Highlands (H) - 	A KoL 	A FAu 	F App 	 
Lewis (W) -	        A Clh 	F Stw 	F Uis 	 

The name of the provinces are:


NAO	North Atlantic Ocean
PFi	Pentland Firth
UNS	Upper North Sea
SoO	Sea of Orkney
SoW	Sea of Wick
NMi	North Minch
CSe	Carloway Sea
AOe	Atlantic Ocean
LMi	Little Minch
SoR	Sound of Raasay
ISo	Inner Sound
SoS	Sound of Sleat
SoH	Sea of the Hebrides
FoL	Firth of Lorn
MFi	Moray Firth
SoA	Sea of Aberdeen
FoT	Firth of Tay
LNs	Lower North Sea
FoF	Firth of Forth

Supply centers:

NOI	North Orkney Islands
JoG	John o' Groat's
Wic	Wick
CWr	Cape Wrath
BLo	Benmore Lodge
Dnh	Dornoch
Ull	Ullapool
Gai	Gairloch
Stw	Stornoway
Clh	Callanish
Uis	Uist
App	Applecross
KoL	Kyle of Lochalsh
FAu	Fort Augustus
Sky	Skye
RaE	Rum and Eigg
Mul	Mull
MoR	Moor of Rannoch
Fer	Fersit
Gre	Greenock
Gla	Glasgow
Ban	Banff
Fra	Fraserburgh
Abd	Aberdeen
Sth	Stonehaven
Pit	Pitlochry
Dnk	Dunkeld
Per	Perth
Arb	Arbroath
Dnf	Dunfermline
Dnd	Dundee
SAn	St Andrews
Edi	Edinburgh
Dnb	Dunbar

Other provinces:

SOI	South Orkney Islands
Car	Carloway
Tar	Tarbert
Bre	Brenish
Ton	Tongue
Lcr	Lochinver
Lcm	Lochdrum
Pet	Peterhead
Elg	Elgin
Inv	Inverness
Avi	Aviemore
Kin	Kinlochewe
Dne	Dorne
Inc	Inchlaggan
Ard	Ardechive
Arl	Arlesig
New	Newtonmore
Abf	Aberfeldy
Clr	Callandar
Mon	Montrose
Big	Biggar
Ber	Berwick