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Main Rule Changes:

Not surprisingly, Oceania consists of lots of island chains. These chains have some special characteristics:

1. To identify island chains without a doubt they don't have the usual dark blue sea colour around them but are coloured "light blue". Island chains consist of Islands and the water around them. Therefore these chains can be occupied by a fleet or an army, but of course not by more than one unit at a time.

2. Basically two different types of island chains exist: Chains with only one space (e.g.Pitcairn Islands (pit) and so called multispaced island chains (e.g.Solomon Islands (nsi/ssi). Within such a multispaced chain both, armies and fleets, may move to adjacent parts of the chain (e.g. A or F nsi - ssi and vice versa).

3. The most important feature is that armies can move _directly_ from one island chain to another ("island hopping") as long as both chains (independent of being multispaced or singlespaced) border the same sea province. This feature is restricted to armies.