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This page is about the Chaos Variant. Related pages:

The chaos variant is played by 34 players, each owning a single supply center on the standard Diplomacy map. The game starts in Winter of 1900 at the adjustment phase. Each player starts out choosing which type of unit they wish to build and progressing from there. When building units, a unit may be built at any owned supply center. (Chaos Builds)

Due to the number of players, power names are a single character followed by the three letter abbreviation of your initial center. These are:

A-Ank, B-Bel, C-Ber, D-Bre, E-Bud, F-Bul, G-Con, H-Den, I-Edi, J-Gre, K-Hol, L-Kie, N-Lvp, P-Lon, Q-Mar, R-Mos, S-Mun, T-Nap, U-Nor, V-Par, W-Por, X-Rom, Y-Rum, Z-Ser, 0-Sev, 1-Smy, 2-Spa, 3-StP, 4-Swe, 5-Tri, 6-Tun, 7-Ven, 8-Vie, 9-War.

Victory conditions are 18 supply centers.


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