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V2.0 Jimmy Millington, Robs Schone and Lynsey Smith

Five Different Coloured Powers vie for control of the Rainbow Coloured mapboard.


Map based upon Romans V1.0 until I can draw up a new one. All provinces and sea spaces have been renamed, in tune with the multihued nature of the game.


Take a Romans Map, and convert province names as follows:

Chromatic |P|Abbr |Romans

Alabaster, L ala alab NAP3
Aquatic Sea, w aqu aqua aquatic ION1
Azure, l azu azur TUS5
Sea of Butter, w but butter sob ION5
Bronze, x bro bron bronz TUN2
Carnation Sea, w car carn carnat carnation TYS4
Cerulean, l cer cerul cerrulean cerrullean cerullean APU5
Chalk, l cha chal TUS3
Sea of Cherries, w che cherries cherry soh ADR4
Coal, l coa APU2
Cobalt, B cob cobal cobolt cobol co VEN5
Cold, l col PIE5
Crimson, R cri crim ROM4
Crystal, x cry xta xtal SWI
Sea of Cyan, w cya cyan cyanide cyanic TYS1
Ebony, D ebo ebon ROM2
Bay of Emeralds, w eme emer emerald emeralds boe bayofe GOL1
Fire Engine, l fir eng fire engine fireengine TUS1
Forest Sea, w for fore forest ADR1
Garnet, x gar garn TUN4
Ghost, L gho ghostbusters VEN3
Gold, Y gol au ROM1
Gulf of Hazel, w haz hazel hazelnuts goh gulfofh GOL2
Hot, l hot PIE4
Sea of Ice, w ice iceland iceberg soi h2o ION3
Indigo Sea, w ind indigo TYS5
Ink, l ink inkwell inkjet PIE2
Ivory, L ivo ivor ROM3
Jet, D jet 747 jumbojet NAP2
Sea of Lava, w lav lava sol ION4
Sea of Lead, w lea lead sop pb TYS3
Lemon, l lem lemo APU1
Magenta, x mag mage TUN5
Malachite, x mal malac malach TUN1
Maroon, l mar APU5
Gulf of Mauve, w mau mauve gom GOL5
Sea of Mercury, w mer merc mercury mercedes som hg ADR3
Sea of Night, w nig night knight son ION2
Obsidian, D obs obsid VEN2
Paper, l pap PIE3
Gulf of Platinum, w pla plat platinum gop gulfofp pl GOL3
Raven, l rav rave crow TUS2
Bay of Roses, w ros rose roses bor bayofr GOL4
Royal, B roy ryl ROM5
Ruby, R rub VEN4
Saffron, l saf saff PIE1
Sapphire, B sap sapp saph saphire NAP5
Sepiatic Sea, w sep sepia ADR2
Silver, x sil sliver ag TUN3
Snow, l sno APU3
Sulphur, l sul sulfur TUS1
Sunshine, Y sun sunday VEN1
Topaz, Y top NAP1
Sea of Umber, w umb umber sou cucumber umberhulk TYS2
Vermillion, R ver verm vermin NAP4
Violet Sea, w vio violet ADR5



Blue: Cobalt, Royal, Sapphire
Dark: Obsidian, Ebony, Jet
Light: Ghost, Ivory, Alabaster
Red: Ruby, Crimson, Vermillion
Yellow: Sunshine, Gold, Topaz
Unowned: Malachite, Bronze, Silver, Garnet, Magenta, Crystal


Blue: Army Cobalt, Army Royal, Fleet Sapphire
Dark: Army Obsidian, Army Ebony, Fleet Jet
Light: Army Ghost, Army Ivory, Fleet Alabaster
Red: Army Ruby, Army Crimson, Fleet Vermillion
Yellow: Army Sunshine, Army Gold, Fleet Topaz


There are 21 Little Black Dots, so 11 is the magic number!

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