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Created: August 2005

Creator: Michael Sims, Diplomaticcorp

Fog of War is a variant of Diplomacy where you cannot see the entire map at all times. Rather, you can only see a small portion of the map – that being the region where you have actual units. Just like in real warfare you would not have full visibility of your enemies units, you don’t in this variant.


What You Can See

You can see the spaces that your units are on, plus every adjacent space to your units. Adjacent is defined by how a unit moves:

If you can see a space after an adjudication, you will learn a lot about that space:

What Your Cities (Dots) Can See

Your cities don’t see much. They see themselves, and that’s it. As long as a city is yours, it will stay lit on every adjudication you get. It does not light up adjacent spaces. If your city is captured, it will go dark – unless you have a unit nearby. You will see the enemy unit move in on the movement phase, and then your city will go dark after the retreat phase.

The Adjudications

Your adjudication will be determined by what you can see. You will get your own adjudication, which will differ significantly from what everyone else gets. It will include:

A Sample Round


Suppose Germany orders first turn moves of: F Kie-Den, A Ber-Kie, A Mun-Ruh. He get's this adjudication:


F Kie-Hol (ok)
A Ber-Kie (ok)
A Mun-Ruh (ok)

Since all his units were ordered to move, he only learns of orders happing in the spaces he ordered from, and to. Since no other units ordered anything affecting Kie, Den, Ber, Mun, or Ruh, Germany learns of no enemy orders.

If he had instead ordered A Mun Holds or A Mun-Bur, he would have been revealed the French orders of A Par-Bur, and A Mar S A Par-Bur.

Notice Germany can see a fleet has arrived in the North Sea, but he has no knowledge of where it came from. He can't really be certain if England did Lon-ENG/Edi-NTH, or Lon-NTH/Edi-NWG.


Even tho Germany has no retreats due, we still wait for a summer season. That way one cannot determine what others ordered, by if there is a retreat round or not.

In this case, Germany receives no new info after the Summer, and we move on to Fall.


Germany orders: A Ruh-Bel, F Hol S A Ruh-Bel, A Kie-Den. He gets this adjudication:


A Ruh-Bel (ok)
F Hol S A Ruh-Bel (ok)
A Kie-Den (ok)
A Bur-Mun
A Tyr-Mun
A Boh S A Tyr-Mun

Germany does not know what the English fleet ordered, because his own fleet in Holland was busy supporting another unit's movement. It observes what goes on in surrounding adjacent spaces only if ordered to Hold instead.

Germany sees the 3 moves on Mun even tho he has no units adjacent to Munich, because the city sees moves into itself. It observes the two moves in, and the support from Boh. Thus the unit in Boh is revealed, but the space is still gray.

Autumn Germany receives no new info after retreats.

Builds Germany orders builds of A Ber, A Kie. He gets this adjudication:


He can now see two new units in Pru and Sil that he couldn't before! Note - Had Germany built F Ber, he would only see the army in Pru - not Sil, Since Sil is not adjacent to Ber by water. But with a fleet, he would have revealed the Baltic sea instead.

If Germany had built 2 fleets in Ber / Kie, Both Sil and Mun would be dark! He would no longer be able to see Munich, since it is in enemy hands. He would also never know if another player swiped Munich from Italy, until he brings an army nearby.

Sticky Situations

These are here if you want to get technical, but I wouldn't bog yourself down with them before you get a feel for the game. They are rare situations.


Failed Moves If you observe a move that fails, you will know it failed, tho you might not know why. Examples:

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