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Danish Gambit

Don Scheifler's name for the opening involving Kiel-Holland and Berlin-Munich. It passes on the build from Denmark the first year, in order to gain position against France, usually picking up both Holland and Belgium. It is very effective at splitting an F/E alliance that may have been planned against Germany, causing England to become involved in a war against Russia. Germany is often able to choose his ally the second year, either taking Denmark with Russia's help, or moving against France with help from England. The strong western front also helps convince Italy to move to Pie/Wes in Spring '02. Or with good negotiating, a fleet build in Kiel can even gain France as an ally against England. The opening provides a Kaiser with a great number of options, while throwing western neighbors off balance during the first crucial years. In the pure Danish Gambit, Munich opens to Ruhr. If it opens to Burgundy, the opening can be transformed into a Panther opening.

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