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The Houseboat is Richard Sharp's name for any opening in which the Trieste fleet is ordered to HOLD, and Budapest is sent to Serbia. In its pure form (also known as the Southern Variation), Vienna is ordered to Galicia. A number of variants exist, based on the order given to the Vienna army:

  • Crichton's Variation
  • Hungarian Variation
  • Paranoia Defense
  • Northern Houseboat
  • Tyrolian Variation

HOUSEBOAT, CRICHTON'S VARIATION Richard Sharp's name for the opening used by David Crichton in a game in Dolchstoss (DS19): F Tri H, A Bud-Ser, A Vie H.

HOUSEBOAT, HUNGARIAN VARIATION Also known as the Tyrolian Houseboat. Richard Sharp's name for the opening: F Tri H, A Bud-Ser, A Vie-Tyr.

HOUSEBOAT, NORTHERN VARIATION Manus Hand's name for the Houseboat opening that sends Vienna to Bohemia.

HOUSEBOAT, PARANOIA DEFENCE Richard Sharp's name for the opening: A Vie S F Tri, A Bud-Ser. This is simply Crichton's Houseboat with a meaningless twist. A silly opening indeed, useless even in no-press games, as its meaning is unfathomable.