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The Standard 7-player game of Diplomacy. (Sometimes referred to as Vanilla Diplomacy.)

Standard Map And Starting Positions


  • Austria: A Budapest, F Trieste, A Vienna.
  • England: F Edinburgh, A Liverpool, F London.
  • France: F Brest, A Marseilles, A Paris.
  • Germany: A Berlin, F Kiel, A Munich.
  • Italy: F Naples, A Rome, A Venice.
  • Russia: A Moscow, F Sevastopol, F St Petersburg(sc), A Warsaw.
  • Turkey: F Ankara, A Constantinople, A Smyrna.

Abstract Standard Maps

Standard Rectilinear Topologically-Equivalent Map

Standard Circular Topologically-Equivalent Map

Additional Standard Game Maps:

Standard border ra.gif Standard LargeDipColor.gif Standard map c.gif Standard povboard.gif Standard SmallDipColor.gif Standard std3.gif

Common Abbreviations

Adriatic Sea,          adr adriatic  
Aegean Sea,            aeg aegean 
Albania,               alb
Ankara,                ank
Apulia,                apu
Armenia,               arm
Baltic Sea,            bal baltic
Barents Sea,           bar barents
Belgium,               bel
Berlin,                ber
Black Sea,             bla black
Bohemia,               boh
Brest,                 bre
Budapest,              bud
Bulgaria,              bul
Burgundy,              bur
Clyde,                 cly
Constantinople,        con
Denmark,               den
Eastern Mediterranean, eas emed east eastern eastmed ems eme
Edinburgh,             edi
English Channel,       eng english channel ech
Finland,               fin
Galicia,               gal
Gascony,               gas
Greece,                gre
Gulf of Lyon,          lyo gol gulfofl lyon
Gulf of Bothnia,       bot gob both gulfofb bothnia
Helgoland Bight,       hel helgoland
Holland,               hol
Ionian Sea,            ion ionian
Irish Sea,             iri irish
Kiel,                  kie
Liverpool,             lvp livp lpl
Livonia,               lvn livo lvo lva
London,                lon
Marseilles,            mar mars
Mid-Atlantic Ocean,    mao midatlanticocean midatlantic mid mat
Moscow,                mos
Munich,                mun
Naples,                nap
North Atlantic Ocean,  nao nat
North Africa,          naf nora
North Sea,             nth norsea nts
Norway,                nwy nor* norw
Norwegian Sea,         nwg norwsea nrg norwegian
Paris,                 par
Picardy,               pic
Piedmont,              pie
Portugal,              por
Prussia,               pru
Rome,                  rom
Ruhr,                  ruh
Rumania,               rum
Serbia,                ser
Sevastopol,            sev sevastapol
Silesia,               sil
Skagerrak,             ska
Smyrna,                smy
Spain,                 spa
St Petersburg,         stp
Sweden,                swe
Syria,                 syr
Trieste,               tri
Tunis,                 tun
Tuscany,               tus
Tyrolia,               trl tyr* tyl
Tyrrhenian Sea,        tys tyrr* tyrrhenian tyn tyh
Ukraine,               ukr
Venice,                ven
Vienna,                vie
Wales,                 wal
Warsaw,                war
Western Mediterranean, wes wmed west western westmed wms wme
Yorkshire,             yor york yonkers

* Abbreviations of liv, tyr, and nor should be avoided. If an order is interpreted as ambiguous, then the order will fail. For example, F Nth-Nor could mean fleet North Sea to Norway, or fleet North Sea to Norwegian Sea. Even if one set of orders seems to make more sense, the order is ambiguous, and will fail due to two possible interpretations, both of which could be intended.