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Category: Variant

A Diplomacy variant by Nick Higgins



My goal is to create a global WWII-era variant for Diplomacy that attains the elusive perfect balance between history and gameplay. My hope is that the variant will play "smaller" than its size. Every player on the board has reason to interact with virtually every other player. Conceptually, the variant is built around numerous diplomatic triangles, as triangles are generally the most dynamic configuration in Diplomacy.

Offensive play is encouraged in many ways. First, there are no corner positions, which limits the effectiveness of defensive tactics. Chokepoints are kept to a minimum. "Chaos builds" ensures that players are not waiting for years to move units to the front lines. Aerial units are far more useful in attack than defense, and should be helpful in breaking any potential stalemate lines. Finally, a relatively short victory line (1/3 instead of 1/2 of the total SCs) should encourage players to go for the solo victory, instead of the alternative where players decide that victory is impossible on such a large map, and then play for the draw.

I welcome any feedback on the variant. Please contact me at congressofvienna1814@yahoo.com.



First, some examples.

Example 1: German A Bavaria and Italian P Venice both move to Switzerland. A Bavaria succeeds (1.0 > 0.5), and P Venice bounces.

Example 2: German A Switzerland attacks the Italian P Venice. A Switzerland succeeds (1.0 > 0.5).

Example 3: German P Berlin supports Italian A Venice to Switzerland, with a neutral army in Switzerland. A Venice succeeds (1.5 > 1.0).

Example 4: In example 3, French P Paris supports A Switzerland. The Italian army bounces (1.5 = 1.5).

Example 5 ("half-cut", see more below): German A Bavaria supports Italian P Venice to Switzerland, which is occupied by a neutral army. French P Burgundy moves to Bavaria, "half-cutting" the support to 0.5. The attack fails (1.0 = 1.0).

Now, some clarifications in response to potentially unclear issues.

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